A Meditation on Bliss

Isn’t it fascinating how when we know something about ourselves and what makes us happy or what would give us joy or pleasure, we choose the complete opposite?
I spend hours thinking about this.  It is a complicated question, at least for me.  When we know that spending time somewhere or with particular people is only going to lead to the same result.    It is a combination of fear and laziness in my case.  More fear than laziness, but laziness should still be mentioned.  Fear of looking stupid.  Absolute paralysis at the thought of being wrong, acting foolish, appearing fat, ugly, stupid.  The laziness of knowing it will indeed be difficult.  Of having to try AGAIN at something you  know you will be working at all the time.  Of wanting to curl up in a blanket and sleep for ages rather than doing something differently. Of having the feeling that you haven’t an ounce of courage left within your being.  Fascinating behavior.  What are you afraid of?

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One thought on “A Meditation on Bliss

  1. I’m afraid of discomfort

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