a list

sweetIt has been probably close to a decade since I have made this type of list.  I think about who I was during that time and can only imagine some of the requirements I had and it makes me laugh.  Anyway, I have decided that I would like to have a healthy relationship at some point in the future.  As the universe continues to teach me, I don’t get to pick when things happen (more posts to come on that later) so if it is in five years, ten years, 13.5 years, that is cool with me.
However, there is no harm in creating a “wish list” for attributes that I would like this man to possess.  Luckily,  because nobody knows who I am on this site, I can be direct and honest.  Some are quite shallow, but hey, it is just a wish list and only some of these are “must haves” and some are “nice to haves.”  That being said, not many of these are “nice to haves.”  I am aware that I am not perfect and there are things on this list that I am working on.

Here we go, things I want in a man (hoping this will prove to be entertaining to me in the future):

He makes me laugh, not chuckle, not giggle, there should be real laughter in our lives often
He makes an effort to get to know the people in my life that are important to me and forms friendships with them
No current drug abuse, no exceptions
No smoking (gross), no exceptions
Social drinking is ok, but by social, I mean less often than not and definitely not a requirement for him to enjoy life or doing fun things with me
I would like a man who can grow a beard, he doesn’t always have to have one, but the ability to have one is one of the physical attributes I would appreciate
He is bigger than me, so by this I mean that a.)  he has to weigh more than me  and b.) when he hugs me I have to feel enveloped and safe
He understands my introversion (he doesn’t have to be an introvert, but hopefully he has one/some in his family) and doesn’t take it personally when I need some time alone to re-charge my batteries
He likes to hear me sing
He practices good hygiene, I do not want a man who reeks of cologne, but if he has clean clothes (NO tight shirts) wears deodorant and brushes his teeth when he wakes up and goes to bed, I am a happy girl
He thinks I am funny, he truly appreciates my bizarre and (some have said) eccentric sense of humor
He likes to be active, doesn’t have to be triathlete, but not a couch potato either
He enjoys traveling and would want to take trips with me
Tattoos are fine, it really just depends on the content and how many.
He can’t be afraid to kill spiders.  I am.
High school degree a must, college degree or any additional education above high school would be a plus (but not required)
He enjoys reading and loves having conversations with me about what he is learning/studying
Politically, we don’t have to agree with each other, I am a moderate democrat, but he doesn’t have to be one.  If he is too far left or too far right, that may be too much.
I would like him to have grown up in a home where women were respected or if they weren’t, he has a problem with that (that is quite a broad statement, will explore this one later)
I like nerds/geeks
He is kind to his mom
He is kind to my mom and stepdad

He is more on the mellow side, hard to “rattle,” keeps his cool, I think this one is a “must have” because I can lose it pretty easily
He loves talking to me and values my opinion and vice versa
He wants a big dog
He isn’t materialistic, by this I mean he doesn’t want to end up living in the biggest house, drive the nicest cars, etc.  Blah.
He sticks up for me if I am being mistreated
Not sure how I feel about having kids, if I am being honest, I don’t know.  My preference would be to adopt.
We are good friends to each other

That is my list for now, but I could add to it or amend it later.  It is my list, after all.

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