Proof of Madness

This was actually from July of 2012 and I forgot to hit publish.

I am almost certain I am losing it, slowly, day by day.    I like lists, of course, I keep meaning to make one like this, but funnily enough I keep getting distracted, so here is the list of things that I have done in the last few weeks that prove that my sanity (if it ever existed) is diminishing….

  1. Several times a day, I will log onto my Pandora account and choose a music station based on my mood.  This is normal.  What is not normal is that in the 30-60 seconds it takes for my station to load, I turn away and start doing something else, and am startled by music that I CHOSE and wonder to myself “hey, where is that music coming from?”  What the???
  2. Many times at work, I am so lost and wrapped up in my own world that when a co-worker comes up to me (co-workers that I know are around me, mind you), I am startled sometimes to the point where I scream or yell out of surprise.
  3. I talk to myself at the grocery store, actually, at work too.  Usually arguing with myself or something negative, but not always.
  4. I don’t feel my age, I feel about 60.  That can’t be a good thing.
  5.  I have little to no patience with other people lately.  I get super irritated and annoyed at the smallest things.
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